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Introducing our set of 30 Stronghold Wax Sealing Adhesive Stickers, specially designed to securely attach your wax seals to envelopes, packages, or any surface of your choice.

🌟 Stronghold Adhesive: Our adhesive stickers are manufactured specifically for wax seals, providing a strong and secure bond once applied. Rest assured, your wax seals will stay in place and withstand the rigors of mailing and handling.

📐 Perfect Fit: Each adhesive sticker comes pre-cut to 25mm, perfectly sized to accommodate most wax seal designs. With their precise dimensions, you can easily attach your wax seals without any hassle or trimming required.

💌 Enhance Your Sealing Experience: With our Stronghold Wax Sealing Adhesive Stickers, you can effortlessly add a professional and elegant touch to your correspondence, invitations, gifts, and more. Ensure that your wax seals remain intact and pristine throughout their journey to the recipient.

🎁 Convenient Set: Each set includes 30 adhesive stickers, providing an ample supply for your wax sealing needs. Whether you're sending out invitations for a special occasion or adding a decorative touch to your stationery, our adhesive stickers are the perfect companion for your wax seals.

✨ Easy Application: Simply peel off the backing of the adhesive sticker, place it on the back of your wax seal, and firmly press to ensure a secure attachment. Your wax seal is now ready to adorn your envelopes, packages, or any other surface you desire.

Transform your wax seals into enduring symbols of elegance and sophistication with our Stronghold Wax Sealing Adhesive Stickers. Ensure that your seals remain securely in place, leaving a lasting impression on your recipients. 💌✨

double sided 3M wax seal stickers

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