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Check out these beautiful beads. The perfect addition to so many things! Wedding invitations, birthday card and invitations, Valentines day and anniversary cards. They also make great game pieces for DND. and other games




What’s included


1OZ Sealing Wax Beads. These wax beads are great for making wax seals at home. They are a fun project that everyone in the family can enjoy.

Each bag contains between 75-80 beads in your selected color.


The Wax Beads are very easy to use, simply melt with a spoon and pour the melted wax onto your invitation or other projects, stamp, and you have a beautiful personalized addition



Custom orders?

Need a larger or smaller quantity? Need to make a certain amount of wax seal stamps? Message me. I would be more than happy to help!



How many beads make one seal?


3-4 beads make 1 wax seal (0.75) small size (standard size)


4-5 beads make 1 wax seal (1.0 inch) standard size





I also sell other colors, so check out the entire section of colors


Need a specific color? Message me!

Slate gray wax sealing beads

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